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Doing the right thing so we can all achieve great things.

Let's go further.

Saia was founded in 1924 in response to the many requests Louis Saia Sr., of Houma, LA, received from his customers to haul their goods to New Orleans where he'd travel to pick up produce. Our first "truck" was the family car with the rear seats removed. Ever since then, we’ve been rolling strong. Today, Saia operates hundreds of terminals across the country and employs thousands of people. This is an amazing team of talented individuals who will fuel our growth and help us do incredible things – for the next 100 years. Ready to go further with Saia?

Core Values chart

Living Our Core Values

The foundation of our culture is our core values. Each one shapes who we are, impacting every aspect of how we run our organization and how we go further – for our people, customers and community.

  • Doing what it takes, in everything we do, means putting the customer first. It doesn’t mean short-changing safety, policies or procedures, or respect, but it means understanding that fundamentally, our customers are at the heart of our business – in everything we do.

  • Safety is not a policy or procedure. Safety is a fundamental behavior and practice. It is the unified practice that we can efficiently and effectively all work safely and perform our functions to support individual employees and company goals.

  • Teamwork, empathy and giving 100 percent. Taking care of each other means leaders caring about employees, employees caring for each other and for customers, and everyone at Saia caring about the company's purpose and goals.

  • Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Every employee at Saia has a sense of worth and value that they bring to their role at the company. We must all recognize the humanity in each other and treat others respectfully.

  • Doing the right thing means making the conscientious choice, the ethical choice, even when no one is looking. Doing the right thing demands a commitment to excellence and an awareness that why you do something can be as important as what you do.

  • As a company and as a team of employees, we must embrace our responsibility to our neighbors, the environment, those with whom we work and the communities that sustain us. We realize that it is always easy to talk about being a good citizen, yet it is another thing to put words into action.

Committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Acting On Our Purpose

In a company as large as ours, our teammates are diverse. We are proud that our people reflect the communities and customers we serve. While diversity alone has value, its power to drive us into the future is born from our commitment to a workplace where anyone and everyone who supports Saia’s core values, and our focus on the customer, can learn, grow and thrive.

Our Priorities

  1. Attract diverse talent – Our talent should reflect the communities in which we operate.

  2. Create an inclusive work environment that supports and inspires our people.

  3. Embed diversity, equity and inclusion principles into how we conduct business; strengthen our community engagement and support our Saia-sponsored Employee Networks.

  4. Build a transparent and accountable work environment that supports and celebrates diversity – with the full commitment of our leaders and employees.

  5. Provide training in diversity, equity and inclusion that supports and develops the next group of leaders.

  6. Use metrics to understand what we do well and what we can improve to support inclusive environments, where our people can be at their best.

Employee Networks

These company-sponsored, employee-led groups connect peers across the company with similar experiences and interests, encouraging networking, supporting personal and career development and sparking volunteerism. Saia Women – our first of many Employee Networks to come – began in 2023 and was formalized in 2024. Saia Women is committed to fostering opportunities for growth and advancement that contribute to the business through peer-to-peer mentoring, learning and development, inspiring talks and more. That’s what going further is all about.

Supporting Women In Logistics And Transportation

At Saia, we believe in the power of inclusion to drive innovation and excellence. Our commitment to fostering a workplace where every individual thrives extends to our interest in increasing women in the transportation industry. We celebrate and support the incredible contributions of women in these dynamic fields. Discover a community that connects, inspires and helps women succeed – from educational initiatives and networking opportunities to professional development resources. Explore Saia, where we are dedicated to providing equal opportunities for growth and success. Ready to go further?

Latrisha Giles

open quotes The best part about working here is I'm backed by an entire team that works just as hard as I do. close quotes

Saia Business Systems Analyst

Standing Behind Our Veterans

We are a military-friendly organization – through and through. Whether you’re transitioning to civilian life or actively serving, you’ll find the opportunities, training and support to succeed in your career. We’re proud to have veterans and active-duty teammates in roles throughout Saia – from drivers, mechanics and terminal managers to field dispatchers, dock supervisors and more. Working at Saia is fast-paced and a perfect fit for your dedication, skills and experience. When we say we go further, that’s our mission.

Nakia C

Saia made the transition easier by building on the skills I had from my time in the service. I'm happy to be here, and happy to be with my team. Saia is a great place for veterans.

Military Veteran, Saia Dock Supervisor

Delivering Great Benefits

Health Benefits

We offer comprehensive coverage to give you and your family peace of mind – not to mention 100% free medical premiums after 10 years with Saia.

  • Medical, prescription and vision benefits in one low premium

  • Dental coverage including orthodontics

  • Robust wellness program

  • Telemedicine via UHC/Teledoc

  • Condition management via Livongo

UnitedHealthcare creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files. To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided:

Financial Well-being

Financial well-being is about having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life. We’re always looking out for your financial future – from our 401(k) company match that’s 100% vested on day one to our range of flexible savings accounts.

  • Competitive compensation

  • 401(k) and Roth 401(k) savings plans

  • Employee stock purchase plan

  • Healthcare Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA)

  • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA)

  • Commuter Expense Reimbursement Account (CERA)

  • Financial wellness: investment and retirement planning

  • Legal insurance


As a logistics and transportation company, we like to go the extra mile – whether it’s recognizing accident-free driving or lending a helping hand to team members impacted by hardship.

  • Driver Academy

  • Safety awards

  • Educational scholarships

  • Employee recognition programs

  • Anniversary awards

  • Driver uniform program

  • Job referral bonuses for select positions

  • Annual employee engagement survey

  • Leadership Development


Saia has your back when life comes your way. That’s why flexibility is part of our culture.

  • Work schedules that complement your life

  • Paid vacation, sick leave and holidays

  • Direct payroll deposit

  • Company paid coverage (disability/life)

  • Supplemental voluntary coverage options

  • Company-provided Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Employee Disaster Relief Program

Prioritizing Learning & Development

"Let’s go further" is a call to action to move forward – for our company and for our people. That’s why we’ve developed a range of programs and opportunities to help you learn and grow. Whether it’s training to become a driver, or building new leadership skills, there are so many ways to explore your potential.

  • Leadership Programs

    Unleash your full potential as you gain the skills and insights to lead with confidence.

  • Skill-Specific Training

    Hone your expertise and get hands-on experience and specialized knowledge to stay ahead in your field.

  • Employee Development

    Seize opportunities for continuous learning and advancement through our tailored experiences – empowering you both professionally and personally.

  • Career and Personal Growth Management

    Take charge of your professional path while nurturing your personal development.

  • Workplace Culture and Inclusion

    Explore our initiatives fostering a positive workplace culture where everyone's contributions are recognized and celebrated.

Check out our driver page to learn more about our Driver Academy.

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